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Julie Fitter here to help with your uncertainties, concerns or complexities

Due to the restrictions related to staying safe with Coronavirus, some appointments are currently being offered online via Zoom only 



Julie offers Individual or Relationship Therapy to assess, help to understand and offer psychotherapeutic treatment options to address general and/or sexual or relationship difficulties and complexity



Includes taking a full general and sexual and relationship history in order to make a thorough assessment to discuss and agree a formulation to help you decide on most appropriate treatment pathway



Working with partners in relationships together to address relationship, sex or intimacy issues. This might include work with relationship difficulties such as communication, problem solving, conflict, timetabling or sexual boredom or discrepancies.  Experienced in working with impact of mental and physical health complexites.



Working with you on your own to address general or sexual confidence, specific sexual difficulties, for example: troublesome sexual compulsivity, problems with desire, arousal or orgasm, erectile or ejaculatory concerns, sexual pain, sexual or gender identity concerns or paraphilias. Including addressing mental and physical health complexities. 



Julie is a UKCP and COSRT registered supervisor of Sexual and Relationship Therapists or Trainees



Helps Reduce

Anxiety About Sex

Improves Sexual Confidence and Knowledge About Sex

Help Address Difficulties with Relationships and Intimacy

 Confidential Safe Space to  Explore Sexuality


I have worked with many individuals and couples to help them address concerns and find greater contentment in their lives, both in an NHS specialist service and in private practice. With over 20 years’ experience helping people to address their concerns using Integrated and Sexual/Relationship Therapy.

I am a COSRT Senior Accredited Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapist and registered with UKCP. I have an MSc in Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapy, a BSc in Psychology as well as qualifications and experience as a Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor. This range of training and experience ensures I have a thorough understanding of all aspects of life transitions and impact of illness on individuals and their partners, as well as sexual or relationship difficulties.

Each individual assessment is used to work with clients in developing a comprehensive formulation to guide the most suitable therapeutic programme to address their specific concerns. I also have training in understanding the medical approaches for sexual difficulties.

My experience includes working with:

  • pregnancy, preparing for childbirth and parenting
  • low self-confidence/self-esteem, self-acceptance, assertiveness, anxiety, low mood
  • interaction and social difficulties
  • trauma, abuse, gender, identity

and all aspects of sexual dysfunction:

  • concerns about sexual desire levels, arousal and erection difficulties, orgasm and ejaculation concern
  • sexual pain conditions and difficulties with penetration/vaginismus
  • the impact of childhood and sexual abuse
  • sexual compulsivity (addiction)
  • couple relationship difficulties including sexual discrepancies, communication, problem solving, negotiating, boundary setting, contracting, disagreements and arguing
  • working with long term physical and mental health concerns and how these impact on sense of self, sexuality and relationships.




If you require individual or relationship thereapy, or supervision of therapy, Julie can meet to discuss a plan to suit your requirments without needing to commit to a contract at the first meeting.





Fifty minute sessions

  • Comprehensive general and/or psychosexual assessment.


  • Therapy tailored to your individual requirements.


  • Weekly or Fortnighly sessions.


  • Regular review to monitor progress.


  • Work to COSRT Code of Practice and Ethical Guidelines.

£ 60 /Session




Fifty minute Session

  • Comprehensive relationship and/or psychosexual assessment.


  • Therapy tailored to your relationship requirements.


  • Weekly or Fortnightly sessions.


  • Regular review to monitor progress.


  • Work to COSRT Code of Practice and Ethical Guidelines.

£ 65 /Session




One Hour Session

  • Experienced, Registered Supervisor.


  • Supervision provided for Qualified or Trainee Therapists.


  • Frequency to suit your professional requirements.


  • Face to face, Zoom or Telephone (by prior agreement).


  • Work to COSRT Supervision Guidelines.

£ 55 /Session