Individual therapy with Julie offers an opportunity to work with a person alone who either is not in a relationship or where they or their partner(s) do not want to attend together.



An intergrated therapeutic model is applied to address significant past life events or messages, current thoughts, feelings and behaviours or contextual factors that might be impacting on general or sexual confidence or function. This includes trauma, abuse or attachment difficulties as well as illness, anxiety,  fear or phobias.  It will also aim to bring into the awareness unconscious processes that might be interfering with sexual response.  Therapy uses the therapeutic relationship to understand and address unhelpful interactional patterns. It can help to address difficulties or concerns with sexual desire, arousal, orgasm, sexual pain, penetration, ejaculation or sexual compulsion. Alongside talking to understand and help to express and process your difficulties you may be given homework exercises and learn how to relax, use mindfulness as well as self acceptance and personal sexual growth work.  The aim of the therapy would be for you to learn to overcome or manage your difficulties and take away techniques to use to address any problems recurring in future.





Relationship Therapy with Julie is an opportuty to work alone or  with partners in relationships together to address difficulties in the relationship, intimacy or sex.



An integrated therapeutic model is applied to address relationship difficulties or concerns about sex or intimacy. It will aim to identify and change unhelpful patterns of interaction, issues of power and control, and dysfunctional dynamics. Understanding about expectations of relationships, and roles within them will  identify what it might be helpful to change and how to consider doing so. Life transitions can be significant to relationships eg moving from short to long term committment, having children, coping with illness or disablity or infidelity, and these will all be explored. Barriers to intimacy and sexual difficulties or incompatibilities will be identifed and strategies offered to help to manage or treat these and is likely to involve the setting of homework tasks.





Supervision is a process conducted within a formal working relationship that forms good practice in which a qualified or trainee Psychotherapeutic Practitioner presents client work to a designated supervisor, as a way of learning how to work more effectively with clients. The purpose is to ensure safe and competent practice through regular meetings.





Julie offers Sexual and Relationship Therapy supervision face to face, or by Zoom or Telephone, only by prior agreement and following initial meetings. This can be agreed to the frequency required by your professional body and stage of training/experience. It would be the aim to create a safe space to explore your client work and your own pofessional development.